That's no moon . . . It's a SQL Server!

Han SQL’s Favorite SQL Server Resources

This page will be frequently updated with my favorite resources for SQL Server.  I will include online resources (with links, when available), books, and anything else that can help a DBA do the job!

Websites for DBA’s:

  • http://www.sqlshare.com/ – SQL Share (formerly known as Jumpstart TV) allows expert DBA’s to post videos related to SQL Server.  Even better, new videos are posted several times weekly and the site allows you to build a playlist for later viewing.
  • http://www.sqlservercentral.com/– I consider this to be the definitive SQL Server online community.  The site is rich in scripts and articles, and has one of my favorite features – a daily SQL question to get your mind revved up.

Books for DBA’s:

  • A Developer’s Guide to Data Modeling for SQL Server: Covering SQL Server 2005 and 2008 – ISBN-10: 0321497643 – This book covers simple methods to create or validate database models for SQL Server.
  • http://books24x7.com/ – This isn’t a book so much as it is a library.  Books 24 x 7 digitizes hundreds of thousands of books for viewing online.  Need a chapter on SQL Server performance tuning, but don’t want to buy the whole book?  Books 24 x 7 almost certainly has it.  The site is pricey (a subscription to the IT collection for 1 person costs about $500) so get your employer to pay for it.  I absolutely love this site.

Sites to help you retain your sanity:

Look, being a DBA isn’t easy.  When your developers are getting you down, and you need a minute to recharge, check out these sites:

  • http://theoatmeal.com/ – The Oatmeal could be my favorite site on the interwebs.  The site exists for no other reason than to make you wet your pants from laughing too hard.  The guy who writes/draws this site was a developer/designer and his special brand of humor is something DBA’s just get.  Check out the article on How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell to see what I mean.

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